Horse racing systems software is one of the big advancements that may benefit the average punter in recent times.

What this has really done is enabled many punters to rid themselves of emotional judgments and attachments they have had with different horses in the past and look at things from a purely non emotive analytical position.

Computers don't give two hoots about what the mainstream press write about "champion" horses. Computers just look at ones and zeros - ones and zeros - over and over to arrive at what is programmed in to them to be a rational bet under the circumstances of the race.

Horse racing systems software development has led to many variations - all of them are put together by some very enthusiastic people who believe their formula is the correct one to be used to advantage in most horse racing situations.

All of them of course can't be correct or they all would have arrived at he same formula and be the one programme. Everyone would then of course be betting on the same horse and no one would make a profit ever.

There is a wide variety of software available - some of it costing up to $10000 - this is ridiculous.

The companies that flog this stuff invariably contact potential purchasers with a glossy brochure or you get a high pressure sales call from a slick but very good sales person boasting of the untapped amounts of money to be made from the racing industry. They will lead you to believe that their software will make you consistent profits on a daily basis and that's how they justify their exuberant price tags. Beware.

Just because it costs an arm and a leg doesn't make it any better than the stuff that's available for $100.

Software that claims to predict share price movements are also commonly promoted by scammers. While there are legitimate software programs that track share prices, any claims of accurately predicting movements should be treated with extreme caution.

You may be promised equipment like special calculators, a program on a disk, newsletter subscriptions or entire computer systems. These computer "systems" - usually laptops, can be obtained at Harvey Norman's or any computer shop for about a third of the price they claim they are worth.

Often the information used in these programs can be obtained from the betting pages of your local newspaper at very little cost.

The Warning Signs:
> You are promised huge returns and risk-free profits.
> Promoters will use financial terms like ‘trading’, ‘investment’, ‘arbitrage’, ‘recession proof’, ‘managed fund’ or ‘tax free’ to try to sell gambling schemes.
> You are frequently called by telemarketers trying to pressure you into buying.
> The sales pitch is accompanied by promotional material, such as glossy brochures and graphs showing extraordinary returns.
> You are told that places are strictly limited and you need to buy now to secure your spot in the syndicate or software package or you will miss out.

The ONLY horse racing systems software that works are the ones that don't promise the earth and are merely there to assist you in making sounder gambling decisions based on non emotive logic - if they promise you the earth, they're full of it.

But does horse racing systems software work? This depends on you as the punter. No company or strategist claims to have 100 per cent accuracy. Although it would be great if there was a quick and easy way to make money on horse racing, this is sadly not the case.

What horse racing systems software can do however is provide you with a guide to the race which is provided by people who spend their lives analysing the hundreds of horse races held in Australia each year.



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